Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Lifestyle | Something I NEVER thought I'd blog about

As a young teen the entire notion of a 'period' made me blush tomato red and unable to make eye contact with anyone around, so I never thought I'd dedicate an entire post to this special lady time! I did actually write a funny post about different names people call their periods so you can check that out HERE if you fancy a giggle! Please excuse the terrible font I used to use! However, today's period related post is more factual and I hope it will actually help a lot of you to save some money!

The news was recently hit with the fact that girls are skipping school because they can't afford to buy sanitary towels, which is just horrible! I can't imagine having to go through that sensitive time of your life and not having the comfort and security a sanitary towel provides. So I went on a little mission to find a sanitary towel which is inexpensive and top notch and here I shall share it with you, in comparison to a higher end brand.

All of these prices are from the Tesco website and are correct as of April 2017

As you can see cost wise the Tesco Ultra Towels are cheaper in both their small pack which has 14 pads and their larger pack which has 28 pads. Their large pack even has 2 more pads in than the leading branded sanitary towel.

Now let's take a look at the packaging, they've both gone for a similar colour way with a subtle design on the packaging. The Tesco ones on the right have been packaged slightly smaller and the plastic around the actual pad is extremely soft and thick. If I was holding them both with my eyes shut I would assume that was the branded one as it feels expensive. The Always pad on the left has been packaged in a much thinner plastic which creates a louder noise when opening the pad. They both have the white sticker for when you're putting the used pad in the bin which is hygienic and just generally a good idea! They also both smell exactly the same and it makes me wonder if they're made in the same factory or at least in the same way and then one gets branded and the price goes up and the other doesn't!

Time to get down to business. The clear difference between the pads is the length, the Always pad (on the left) is 23.5cm long and 7.5cm wide and the Tesco pad (on the right) is 21.7cm long and 7.7cm wide. The other difference is although they both claim to be comfortable to wear the Tesco pad has been created to have a cotton feel which gives a comfortable fit and it doesn't feel like you're wearing a pad, which is a lovely bonus!

The similarities are that both of these pads provide maximum protection as they are highly absorbent, they both eliminate odours, they have wings and they're both dermatology tested so suitable for sensitive skin.

I think it's clear to see that both of these sanitary towels do their job perfectly and are basically the same item, except that I find the Tesco one to actually be comfier! I have now swapped from the branded pads and am only using the Tesco own make pads and I couldn't be happier! They are reasonable and I know everyone has different views on money etc but I think budgeting in to get a £0.70p pack once a month is realistic and a way to ensure that young girls aren't missing out on their education!

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it and it's helped you save some money!


Thursday, 20 April 2017

Beauty | The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation DUPE for Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

After having a clear out of my make-up stash I was in dire need of a new foundation! I wanted to find a light option which still gave me the desired look of flawless and healthy skin and after seeing that The Body Shop had a cheeky 3-4-2 offer, I knew it was time to try out some of their make-up products!

Fresh Nude Foundation in Bora Bora Tiare 012 - £15 - LINK

First up I love the packaging, it's in a glass bottle which makes it feel rather luxurious and the pump lid makes applying it really easy and clean. It has a simple and minimalist design which would look nice out on display and fits well in my Muji acrylic drawers.

I spent awhile pumping out the different shades in the store and frantically blending them in, after doing so many I had lost track of which ones looked good, so I was so grateful that a sale assistant came and colour matched me. This is by far the best colour foundation I've ever found and it blends in really well and doesn't make me look ghostly white. There was a good selection (16 to be precise) of pale to dark skin tone colours to choose from.

I do think this foundation is quite pricey as I see The Body Shop as a drugstore make-up brand. However, since using it and experiencing the quality of the foundation and the amazing colour match, I can understand what I am paying for.

It's a very light weight watery foundation which is probably because it's enriched with rose water and aloe vera, this makes it really hydrating and leaves a fresh feeling on my skin. Having sensitive blemish prone skin the thought of changing my foundation brings me sheer anxiety as I am unsure which products will break me out. This product is just filled with all the good stuff and it's dermatological tested so it agrees with my sensitive skin and it feels like it actually helps the texture of my skin. It has a light but build-able coverage, it doesn't cover spots perfectly but a little addition of some concealer will help that!

The finish of the foundation is semi-matte with a fresh faced glow, which makes you look healthy, young and like you've just taken a walk through the mud (aye aye Pride and Prejudice reference). I am used to wearing completely matte foundations and this finish works so much better for my skin! It lasts all day, which just never happens for me. and it helps combat my shiny T-Zone whilst also being really moisturising on any dry areas. Another fantastic thing is that this foundation has SPF 15 so it adds a little bit of protection to your face.

I'd definitely recommend trying this foundation out and I can tell this is now going to be my 'go to' product.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed it! I'd love to know what products you recommend from The Body Shop.


Sunday, 16 April 2017

Beauty | Back2Mac ~ What I took back and the 'brave' lipstick I got!

This is my first time of ever doing Back2Mac and seeing as their make-up is pretty expensive and I can't see myself collecting 6 Mac products and finishing them any time soon I thought I'd document my experience! 

So here's what I took back to the Mac concession at Selfridges, London. 

Pressed Powder
Mineralize Skin Finish
Cream Colour Base in Pearl
Eyebrow palette
Lipstick in Candy Yum Yum
Lipstick in What Joy

And here's what I chose....

I went with a list of different lipsticks I wanted to swatch and after comparing my choices with the two I already own (Mehr and Velvet Teddy) I decided to choose 'Brave' as it was the most different. This is a satin lipstick so it feels a lot lighter on the lips than the two matte shades I own, it also has a lovely pretty sheen to it. It's a very neutral shade with a vintage pink undertone. 

I hope you like the lipstick choice I made and I'd love to hear your lipstick recommendations!


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Beauty | Makeup Revolution Ultra Eye Contour Light and Shade Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is my new makeup must have, it has all the matte shades I could ever need, it's really pretty and every colour is highly pigmented and blends like a dream! If you're not putting your shoes on right now to head out and buy it, you're not living out your day right!

Ultra Eye Contour Light and Shade Palette - £8 - LINK

I am sure most of you are aware that this is a dupe for the Kat Von D Eye Contour palette, the 'original' palette is far too pricey so I am really happy that Makeup Revolution decided to create their own. I have swatched both of the palettes and I prefer this one!

The colours are so highly pigmented and they're also really smooth so they blend like a dream! There is a good array of cool and warm shades to choose from, my favourite shade is the third in from the left which is a burnt orange/brown.

The actual palette is a really good size, it's slim so can fit into my makeup bag and acrylic drawers perfectly. It comes with a double ended eye brush which is a really great brush with a fluffy end and a more detailed end. The only thing it's missing is a mirror on the inside lid!

Let me know if you have this palette and what you think!

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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Lifestyle | Magi Bobble Hair Ties - AD

I've wanted to try these hair ties for absolutely ages but it's just something I've never picked up for myself, so when I was kindly gifted them to try out at #BlogConLDN I was very happy and keen to give them a chance!

£2.95 - LINK

So what's this hair bobble all about? Magi bobble hair bands have been designed to make putting your hair up easier. They don't pull on your hair and they reduce the amount of tension on the scalp from having your hair tied too tightly. This band also prevents kinks being made in your hair whilst holding your hair up securely. The band is water resistant and really comfortable to wear, even through the night.

Magi Bobble comes in so many colours, their current collections are natural, neon, pastel and precious metals. I chose their clear bobbles from the natural collection as I wanted to pick one which I knew I'd wear a lot. 

They look really small and come packed into a tiny box but they stretch really far and then spring back to the original size. This also means they are really comfortable to wear around my wrist. I have really thick hair and it hold my hair up really easily and doesn't leave any kinks. 

I am really impressed by these bands and I am definitely now not going back to 'normal' hair bands. Magi Bobbles are really well priced as it's £2.95 for a pack of 5 bands and you can get free delivery if you buy two or packs.


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Lifestyle | My 22nd Birthday Wishlist

Here it is, the mother of all lists, my birthday wish list! Every year since I can remember I would scroll through the web and take my time choosing which items I wanted, then I'd save each image and put it on a word document and send it to the present buyers in my family! As you can see, literally nothing has changed, so enjoy seeing the things I am wishing for this year for my 22nd birthday!

Longchamp Le Pilage Rucksack - LINK 

Iphone SE (my dream) - LINK

Fashion Afternoon Tea at the Berkeley - LINK

Si Perfume - LINK

Origins Out Of Trouble Face Mask - LINK

The Glitter Plan - LINK

Beauty Blender - LINK

So there we have it my birthday wish list! If any of you have the bits above or recommend anything similar, let me know!


Sunday, 2 April 2017

Lifestyle | Marble Moo Blog Business Cards

I am really excited to share this post with you as I am happy with the design I created, how they turned out and I also really enjoyed photographing this post!

I began creating my business cards by checking the measurements on Moo and then opening a blank document on Photoshop. I wanted to have a minimalist design that I wouldn't out grow and one that I felt portrayed my blog and Instagram account. So I decided on a simplistic marble background and used black writing so it was easy to read. I spent ages scrolling through DaFont choosing two fonts which I liked and then downloaded them to be able to use them on Photoshop. Once my design was complete I simply saved it as a JPEG. 

On the Moo site I chose the original business card option, which is 350GSM. Then I just clicked that I wanted to design my own cards and finally I clicked to upload the image I saved from Photoshop. 

50 cards - £13.19
Shipping UK - £3.25 (cheapest option)

They do a student discount so I managed to save a few pounds from the prices above!

They arrived 5 days earlier than expected, so you really don't need to splurge on the quicker delivery postage! They arrived in a sturdy box, which you can use to display them in and it also means they're protected. The quality of the paper feels really premium and sturdy, I am so impressed and definitely recommend!!

I hope you like the design I created! If you're at all interested in having help designing your business cards feel free to get in touch and I can provide a designing service!

Moo website LINK